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profile picMy name is Himlal Poon, I am a professional software engineer based on Nagpur India. I have completed my schooling, Bachelor and Master degree (Computer Management) from Nagpur. I enjoy programming, building software products. I have worked for couple of software companies for 3 years as a software programmer in early days of my career.

Preety and I started software development company "sisnolabs" in the year 2007. At sisnolabs we design and develop websites, web and mobile application for our clients mainly from USA, Australia, Europe and South Africa. So far sisnolabs deliver many successful software products. We at sisnolabs believe and work towards generating more employment opportunities for young software engineers.

I own and manage couple of internet products (websites and mobile apps).

I am a sports enthusiast, like all sports, more love playing/watching football. When not working, I would love to watch movies, long drive (bike/car), cooking/eating, listening music, travel to find new culture/place/people.

Few random facts about me

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